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Option Overload September 28, 2010

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Do you ever go online planning to purchase something and then get sidetracked by the thousands of options?  It happens to me all the time!

Just this weekend I was trying out a new recipe for chili mac.  The recipe required a million different types of tomatoes-stewed, diced, sauce, paste…you get the idea.  The can opener I was using quit working around can number deux.  Here I am, finally with time to try my hand at cooking and this situation was really slowing me down.  In the end I made it through the recipe by using the broken can opener to clamp down every inch or so on the cans, this created a perforation, then I pried them open using a knife.  I was on a mission and clearly very safety conscious through the whole ordeal.  Looking back, I don’t think the wine I was drinking added to great decision making skills…

I decided to go online to see what the safest one on the market is.  Big Mistake!  Do you know how many results come up on when you type in ‘safest can opener’?  Well I will tell you—About 496,000 results (according to Google)!

Let me just start by saying that choices overwhelm me.  I want to make sure I’m choosing the perfect item.  I cope with the options by taking a ridiculous amount of time to make decisions.  I won’t even tell you how much time I spent looking at all the different reviews of can openers.  I mean it will truly freak you out.  After all the researching I decided I should save myself some shipping costs and just go to the store and pick one up.  And in case you were wondering I decided on the Zyliss® Safe Edge Can Opener…no sharp edges!


One Response to “Option Overload”

  1. Sam Ostrowski Says:

    haha this is a perfect kelly story…

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