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Looking for Potential September 29, 2010

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Objects have a tendency to speak to me. Normally they are very shiny and have a price tag with at least one comma – well in my dreams at least. But in reality, it’s more like a dull piece of wood fumbling to say, “Can you help me? I want to be beautiful again.”

My ears were open while meandering through the floors of the Economy Shop in Oak Park this past spring.  While perusing around in the basement, I heard a soft mumble “I promise I have potential.”

So Kelly and I took home a new piece of furniture for a price tag value containing no commas, or even any sparkles. For the bargain price of  $10 we were the new owners of a telephone table.

Kelly  – “We should paint it even though I know you want to refinish it.”

Me – “ Yes, but I’m up for change. Paint it is.”

The beautifying phases began on our back porch. We removed the old hardware and gave it a quick dust. Two rounds of sanding were followed by three coats of antique white paint before the finishing touches were added. Kelly did a great job with the stenciling and accenting the side details in a grey/blue color.

The original hardware was missing one piece and we’re not fond of brass. Solution: New hardware. We headed out to a big box retailer to only find everything we liked was special order. My mom had the great idea of checking out local antique stores.  Our first try had knobs but not the right size. The second attempt was a homerun at an antique store in Oak Park called Barely Twist. After rummaging through bunches of plastic bags with the owners, we found three antique clear glass knobs from England that were perfect! $10 bought all three.

It was an easy job to change the hardware for the top drawer – literally two for two…but the bottom drawer was going from two holes to one. Items required making a new hole: a pencil, tape measure and drill. I measured the middle point, penciled a dot and drilled away. Using wood fill to get rid of the two holes left by the original hardware followed up by sanding and polished off with one last coat of paint. Finito!

Potential can come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. The neat thing is seeing the potential come to life again. A forgotten table now glitters with charm. Ok, it might be coming from the light bouncing off of the glass knobs but it turned out awesome.


2 Responses to “Looking for Potential”

  1. mebellanku Says:

    I like it…like magic its wonderful

  2. […] I was able to tackle – with the detailed assistance from Kelly – four end tables, a telephone table and a china cabinet. So I know you’re wondering what’s in store for this year! Over the winter, […]

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