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Going the distance October 6, 2010

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The thrill of watching something from start to finish is made more brilliant by admiring the distance you’ve covered in between. Now in my fourth year of coaching girl’s basketball, my favorite part is watching the season progresses–from beginning to end.

During the first weeks of practice in August, the girls’ talents and potential are screaming to be honed. My goal is to make sure they find the confidence in themselves to become better players–which is communicated from day one. From that point, everything thing we do, every defensive, shooting or passing drill during practices sees improvement.

Throughout September, after a few practices and games, the application of new knowledge takes root. When shooting, elbows are now down instead of looking like “chicken wings” ready to fly, eyes are looking up instead of at their shoelaces while dribbling. They now turn and square their shoulders to look for their shoot or for a teammate to pass the ball.

The moments of amazement take place in practice when the girls will correct themselves before I have a chance to blow my whistle. They’re learning, applying and building confidence in themselves. They believe they are good basketball players.

Now, drawing near the end of the regular season in October, we are 5-5 and have three weeks left. The budding talent from August has fully blossomed in practice and has transferred to game situations these last two months.

5-5 may be nothing to brag about, but I am going to brag about how proud I am of nine girls who have improved over 110%, which no record will accurately indicate. Anyways, it’s not the end yet. I’m looking forward to sharing our final record and sporting a smug smile when our season wraps up the end of this month.


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