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Falling October 8, 2010

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Waking up in the morning is getting much more difficult as I find myself in the throws of fall.  I press my snooze button three times as much as I did over the summer, realizing how tempting it is to stay in my nice warm bed when it’s dark and crisp in the morning.  I started to feel kind of depressed about the fact that summer was over last week, but then I remembered how much I actually enjoy fall!  All it took was some crafting encouragement and a “Sunday Funday” with my girlfriends…

I was going to have the usual suspects over for dinner and (I’ll admit it) a blog meeting.  It was through this outlet that I was reminded how enjoyable fall really is.

I started by planning a menu of comfort food.  Fall is a good time for comfort food, and after avoiding my oven all summer for fear of getting heat stroke in my Chicago apartment if I dared turn it on, I was looking forward to my oven and I reuniting.  My mom reminded me that casseroles are an excellent and easy to prepare comfort meal when the weather gets chillier, so I embarked upon my mission to create a delicious chicken and stuffing dish.  It was perfectly accented by a good (but, because of my budget, cheap!) bottle of red wine, because now that it’s not so brutal outside I find it pleasurable to enjoy a glass of warming red in contrast to the chilled whites and roses I felt so compelled to consume on hot summer days.

Karla contributed to our comfort food-laden evening with a pan of scrumptious apple squares (because, let’s be honest, nothing says fall better than fresh apples), which added a perfect sweet touch to the end of our menu.  They were like delicious little apple pies in square form…so yummy, and so ‘fearless’ (see Karla’s bio) of her to try a never-before-attempted recipe!

The only thing that was missing from a girls’ day (in my eyes) was a craft, of course…A few weeks ago I had been given the assignment to create table favors for my cousin’s baby shower, and after coming up with the theme “anxiously awaiting their little pumpkin,” went searching for mini pumpkins.  You’ll see at the end of this post the inspiration that led me to thinking my friends and I should decorate mini pumpkins on our afternoon of fall fun, along with some samples of what our paint pen, bow and glitter adorned pumpkins looked like this Sunday.  It was what I thought of as a more feminine, crafty version of carving Halloween pumpkins.

And to think, a few short days ago I seemed to be mourning the coming of fall….while I’m writing this blog entry, it’s a perfect chilly evening for sweatpants and fuzzy slippers, something else that I missed while ‘glistening’ all summer (because, as my grandmother always said, ladies don’t sweat).  We’ll see if I’m still this excited about the changing seasons when winter nears…


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