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Magnolia Cafe – Yummy in my Tummy but not in my Wallet October 12, 2010

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So I’ve been sick all week with a mysterious bug that included 5 days of Dayquil, four days of nose spray, 3 long walks (because I couldn’t run for my half marathon training), 2 days of no work and no play and a partridge in a pear tree. I even had to miss my weekly girls night so that I could go to bed at 8:00. So on Saturday, I finally woke up at 10:30 am feeling better for the first time all week and to celebrate my return to wellness, Eric and I decided to go out to dinner.

I love to go out to dinner. It’s probably one of my most favorite things to do. This is because I love food, I love getting dressed up and I love spending time with my man. We often critique new restaurants as if we are on Top Chef, one of our favorite tv shows.

So on Saturday, we spent all day deciding what restaurant we wanted to eat at and finally settled upon Magnolia Café, on the corner of Wilson and Magnolia. This was our first time visiting the local restaurant. We arrived at 5:15 pm (ok, so we eat like old people… early) and learned that the restaurant was not open yet for dinner, so the bartender kindly let us come in and have a glass of wine at the bar while we waited. During our wait, we observed the ambiance (nice lighting, brick and wood everywhere and a weird “clean” smell). I also observed one of the servers in the back putting on her shirt (ew). Mind you, I wasn’t threatened because I was wearing a mini skirt, black sparkly top and I curled my hair Carrie Underwood style, so I’m pretty sure Eric was looking at me, at least I hope he was because it took me over an hour to get ready.

When we got seated by the window in the corner, we ordered a crab cake appetizer ($12!) that came with a delicious mustard aioli sauce, corn and pico de gallo, which was absolutely delicious. We were served quite quickly, despite the fact that the restaurant was filling up. We also ordered more drinks (him a Belvidere on the rocks and me a dirty martini) and decided to split our entrée, which cost $28! I’m not normally such a price crazy person, but this is a small restaurant in Uptown that probably only gets visited by folks who live in the area. I also decided that I really dislike snooty restaurants that make you pay a fee to split an entrée when they serve you enough food to feed a small family. Magnolia Café did just that. Our entrée was absolutely delicious, especially when you got a piece of each crucial part in one bite. The dish consisted of beef tenderloin, short ribs, asparagus cheese gnocchi and spinach with a red wine reduction. Yum! We finished off our dinner with a dessert of an after dinner drink and paid our $125 bill.

Overall, I would definitely visit this restaurant again and recommend it to those who want a nice night out, but it will not hold a regular space in our rotation. As my neighbor put it, it’s a great place to eat dinner… occasionally.


2 Responses to “Magnolia Cafe – Yummy in my Tummy but not in my Wallet”

  1. Rachael Says:

    Being the budget conscious person that I am-I think you should check out restaurant.com if you haven’t already, many times they run sales. For instance, two weeks ago they had 90% off. There are TONS of places in the city, many that I noticed were in the Wrigley Fieldish area. We even got a gift certificate for a cutesy little French place near the theatre district that we plan on using when we save up enough $$ to see another show. 🙂 If a place sounds good to me, I just Google it and look up reviews and look at the website (if they have one) to see if it’s a keeper.

  2. You're favorite former co-worker Says:

    Dabkey! I love you! Now I can follow you’re life!!!!!

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