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Uncharted territory…literally. October 14, 2010

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I’ve always wanted to live somewhere else.  All of my friends have lived some place other than Chicago for at least a short period of time.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my hometown…the incredible history and culture, the windows at Marshall Field at Christmas (no, I still haven’t forgiven Macy’s for taking over), the best pizza I’ve ever experienced (it’s true people, no matter how much you try to deny it, Chicago deep dish is where it’s at).  But part of me has always wanted to try something new…to experience the joys a different city has to offer.  Little did I know that this opportunity would hit me suddenly in mid-June this past summer.

 One night while cooking together in the kitchen of the amazing Chicago apartment I had just moved into and fallen in love with, my boyfriend asked me if I would go with him if he had to move to Denver, Colorado for work.  Of course I hesitated at first, seeing as all my family and friends live in the Chicagoland area.  However, after a bit of time and some serious thought, I warmed up to the idea.  What better than to experience a new city with the love of my life and go on a completely exhilarating adventure?! 

 This past weekend I visited Denver to see Jonathan, and couldn’t help but think about how much fun I’m going to have if I get to live there someday…granted, I need to get myself a teaching job there first, but I’m allowing myself to move a tad in fast-forward to keep my hopes up about being in the same city as J again someday. 

 On Saturday we went hiking on a breathtaking set of trails in the Rocky Mountains.  We got the rare opportunity to see both a panoramic view of downtown Denver on one side of the mountain, and a scenic view of nature on the other side.  Saturday evening we explored downtown Denver.  One of the things I love about Denver is being able to take advantage of the feel of a city…the real hustle and bustle of people around and constant action, but then also being able to drive a mere few miles to access the beauty of nature…the silence and organic smells and views. 

 Hopefully I’ll get to write more about my Denver adventures (let’s be honest, I’ve heard enough advice and great thoughts about this awesome city to last me a lifetime since I started telling people I was looking to move!).  I even have faith that I’ll be able to find at least some DECENT pizza in Denver 😉 Now I just need to get a job there…


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