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Quest for a Bamboo Chair October 20, 2010

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About a year ago I became hooked on a blog called Nuestra Vida Dulce.  Joi, the blog’s writer, writes about decorating her sweet little home with DIY projects.  She also combs Craigslist for awesome deals in cities all over the country.  She calls these entries: What’s Good in Your Hood {City}.  Her style is a bit modern for me, but the things she puts together flow so well it has captivated me.  Soon her obsession for bamboo furniture became my obsession with finding a bamboo office chair.

I searched Chicago Craigslist for a week or so and finally one day this found this listing:

I emailed the seller (located 150 miles away, Yikes!) and negotiated my way into purchasing one bamboo chair for half price.  My sister promised me she’d make the trip across the state with me to pick up the chair.  Then it hit me.  My friend was living in Peoria attending Bradley.  I could ask her to pick the chair up and bring it to me the next time she visited home!  I called her up and she graciously agreed to help with the bamboo chair quest.

While I waited eagerly for my bamboo chair I set to work finding a fabric I liked.  My poor sister waited while I hemmed and hawed over quite a few choices (as I’ve told you before I get overwhelmed by choices!).  In the end I chose something bright that also complemented the chairs grey frame.  I researched a couple reupholsters and Karla joined me on an excursion to a shop in the city where I learned I would also have to purchase gimp (trim) in order to have the piece complete.  I was discouraged that I would have to wait longer for my chair, but I made my way back to the fabric store and found gimp that matched.  I brought my precious chair to Elite Upholstery in Oak Park and bargained with them.  I ended up with a discounted price as well as a seat replacement and they even provided a better looking gimp for free!  They do really exceptional work and my dream of a bamboo office chair has finally come true.

Now it’s time to find a desk to match…


7 Responses to “Quest for a Bamboo Chair”

  1. Joi Says:

    Kelly! This chair is pure fabulousness! I adore it and I’m glad you we’re able to negotiate some deals! Can’t wait to see and read about your adventures. Have a great rest of ypour week! : D

  2. Monica Says:

    Sweet chair! I want one!!

  3. Jill Says:

    I told Karla you need to get her a new chair now. She didn’t agree.

  4. Amy Says:

    Can you tell me about how much it cost to have your chair reupholstered? Found this through Yelp and I’m looking to have a couple of my chairs reupholstered…just trying to figure out price, which I know is different depending on the piece of furniture and material.

    • Uncharted Says:

      Hi Amy, I don’t mind sharing how much it cost me…only thing is I can’t remember the exact cost nor how I paid for the bill {so I can’t look it up}. I do remember it was around $80 or so. Remember that is the seat being replaced, reupholster, and free gimp/trim for the edges. Hope that helps you.

  5. […] what am I going to do with it? Well, my inspiration came from the bamboo chair Kelly reupholstered. I’m going to blow up the pattern and stencil it onto the desk. After of […]

  6. […] remember the bamboo chair I had reupholstered a few years back?  You can refresh your memory here, but the fabric I chose had a pretty yellow and grey floral pattern on it.  This is the […]

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