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Party like a rockstar…but not forever. October 21, 2010

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I’m starting to feel old. Last night I was out with my roommate and some of her friends to see a movie. While returning home we had a conversation about how we were so tired and ready to hit the hay (it was 9:30 pm). During this chat, we passed alongside DePaul’s campus and I started feeling grown up all of a sudden. When you’re in college you don’t realize how young you seem to all those people out in the ‘real world,’ but now that I’m one of those ‘real world’ people I am noticing the difference. Living near a metropolitan college campus, I’m reminded of this difference somewhat often these days.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind being older. In fact, I really do enjoy it, just in a different way. I love living on my own (the real kind of living on my own, not the fake ‘I have tricked myself into thinking I’m independent because I don’t live with Mommy and Daddy anymore’ feeling I had when I was in college). I thrive on decorating my grown-up apartment and cooking for my roommate and friends. I especially love spending time with Jonathan in my own space where we can do what we damn well please. I guess I’m more just realizing that I’m finally a grown up.

 This whole realization started one day at the Dominick’s by the Fullerton red line stop (coincidentally located at the corner of DePaul’s campus). I’m sharing this story because last night on our walk home from the movie theater my roommate was egging me on to tell it, in light of the fact that we all felt too grown up surrendering to the evening so early. Jonathan and I had decided on a Saturday night in the spring that what we really wanted to do that evening was cook Mexican food and drink margaritas. So around say, 8:00ish pm we strolled over to the grocery store to get the fixings for guacamole flautas and some too-strong margaritas. Since we were at the grocery store, we also picked up a few things we needed for around the kitchen (i.e. yogurt, bananas, cereal and crackers) because it was simply convenient. The girl behind us was clearly a college student, tipsy at 8 pm for no apparent occasion and wearing shorts and UGG boots (believe me I’m not dissing, I used to sport the same awesome garb…even legwarmers on occasion…but there’s no denying it’s SO college). She didn’t hesitate to say in a voice that I’m sure she thought was too quiet for us to hear that “[she] couldn’t imagine, like, doing [her] grocery shopping on, like, a Saturday night!” Jonathan and I looked at each other and chuckled, and went home for what turned out to be a very fun and tipsy evening. I still couldn’t help but think though, that I am getting older.

I can still party like a rockstar, except now it may happen once or twice every now and then rather than five to six nights a week (and my hangover might be about 20 times worse). But I’m still just as fun! Growing up just means you have to find fun in various venues, and you’re not going to have the ‘best party of your life’ to attend every Saturday night. I’m learning to really like being a grownup…and hey, at least I’m not knitting and watching the Golden Girls on weekends just yet…


One Response to “Party like a rockstar…but not forever.”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    I can soooooo relate!! Especially about the hangover being 20 times worse! What’s up with that? It’s not even worth it anymore, which is why I usually stop at tipsy these days! But then tipsy = tired, hence the early nights. Ah, the sorry plight of a grown up…

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