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Let’s Go Bears! October 24, 2010

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Ok Ladies, here is the 411 on football. We think we don’t like it because it is boring and it’s a bunch of guys running at each other and not making sense… (I’ve thought that before, I promise), but then I starting dating a guy who’s first love was football. Hopefully his second love was me… I think. But here is the real low down. This sport takes guts, smarts and talents. And let’s face it, a football player or lover is dead sexy. This is a man’s game. 

You will read this if you want to make sense to the opposite sex, whether for business or pleasure, and yes, both have come up in my life. The Bears take years off of my life. I, myself, am secretly in love with Charles Tillman, number 33, or better known as “Peanut.” This is mostly because he calls the country station, 99.5 regularly, so I feel like I know him. Maybe we all have our favorite players, but no one player on the Bears is going to make this sucky team win. We all want them to win, because a happy boyfriend is a sexy boyfriend. But let’s face it, the Bears suck. Their coaches suck, the players suck and well, let’s all admit it, Chicago hasn’t had a good team since the 2005 White Sox. Or better yet, the 90’s Bulls.

Hester, #23, could run the ball if Washington would kick it to him. Cutler, #6, could pass the ball if Knox, #13, was paying attention and Moore, #30, could intercept the ball if the refs didn’t call bogus calls. But the fact of the matter is, the refs hate the Chicago Bears and they are doomed to become the next Chicago Cubs. Sorry Cubs fans, but it is true. It takes years off of my life to be a Chicago Fan.

Every Sunday I wear my #22 jersey and pray,l and every Sunday I am either feeling lucky or disgusted based on their performance. C’mon Bears, let’s see some action. Yeah the owners don’t pay you well, but you represent the best city in the world… let’s show them what we’re made of.


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