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My year long project: a china cabinet November 3, 2010

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I love craigslist. Scouring for furniture deals in my area might be a slight obsession. I have a tendency of going by myself to scope out purchases where Kelly thinks I’m going to get stabbed, or kidnapped. Luckily that hasn’t happened yet. Plus I’ve learned it’s just easier to take her with me.

Nonetheless, I’ve found some great deals – one being this china cabinet for a steal of $75.

It has only taken me about a year and a half from the time I purchased it to its’ completion date. Why so long? I decided to first work on another furniture project that was in more desperate need of repair compared to the cabinet and then….

Winter blew in quickly, so I couldn’t use my outside workspace (our porch) anymore. On top of that, I didn’t feel right poisoning my roommate with toxic wood finishing vapors if I were to stain inside our apartment.

I did what I could inside, which was to fix the door and sand. Originally, there was a decorative piece of wood with holes in the door, but I felt glass would be better to keep the dust out or Harlo’s hair. I custom ordered a glass pane insert from a local glass store to replace the decorative wood insert.  Next it was sanding time and before I knew it, spring had arrived.

Now able to use my outside “workshop”, I began staining. The drawer and door were first completed with two coats of stain and a semi-gloss sealant followed by the cabinet itself. The only tricky part was getting stain into the nooks and crannies of the detailing along the bottom – but Kelly suggested using Q-tips, which worked out fabulously!

What always amazes me is how good a piece of refinished furniture can look after just one coat of stain or paint. The piece of furniture starts to come alive. You can see all your efforts have paid off and you get a better idea of what your final product will look like.

The last item to complete was the cabinet hardware. One of the original pieces was missing on the drawer, leaving me with a great opportunity to find new hardware. I headed over to Hobby Lobby and just my luck; the hardware was buy one get one free. My new love has been glass hardware so I picked up a weathered amber pair to complete my china cabinet.

What do you think of the final result?











PS – My 7th grade girls basketball team took 3rd in their conference. Totally one proud coach…now onto a new travel team. Apparently players aren’t the only ones who get recruited 🙂


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