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Turkey Season Has Begun November 9, 2010

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Hey Y’all… sorry I’m late with my post this week. I had a little bit of a hectic week! There’s nothing fun about waking up for a 6:00 am phone call with the Netherlands, working a full day and then going to an executive meeting all evening. Regardless, it’s Turkey Season and I am SO excited!

Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday. Who doesn’t like an entire day that’s all about eating… well, and family and giving thanks. My mother makes the most phenomenal dinner that includes a delicious turkey, potato dumplings (we’re Polish), tons of veggies, homemade bread and a homemade apple pie. The excitement would grow as I woke up and helped prepare the table for our guests and then waited in anticipation for my father to carve that delicious bird while I “tested it to ensure it was safe for our guests to consume.”

So since I’ve begun living on my own, I’ve begun my own tradition for Thanksgiving. It’s called, “Always having turkey in my fridge for 2 consecutive months.” I stick by this rule pretty diligently and when I went to the store this past weekend, to my delight, the turkeys had arrived. I was quick to pick a 12 pounder and begin the defrost process at home. I’d now like to depict my Sunday:

9:06 am – Wake up. First thoughts: I am so hungover.

9:07 am – Turkey Day!!!

9:08 am – Why does my cell phone say 8:08 and my bedside clock says 9:08… Oh wait, we “fell back” this weekend.

8:09 am – Turkey, turkey, turkey…. Turkey!

8:30 am – Get out of bed to prepare turkey

9:09 am – Turkey enters the oven.

I then continue to check the turkey, Hollice and Kevin come over to eat our turkey with us… we make mashed potatoes with fresh rosemary, thyme and spinach and some green beans. The turkey thermometer strikes 180 degrees for 15 seconds at 1:45 pm.

1:46 pm – Eric and I begin the turkey carving… and of course, I begin the taste testing.

1:50 pm – “Can you stop eating the turkey after I carve it? You look like you’re shoving your face over a trough.”

1:51 pm – I sneak another bite when he’s not looking.

2:10 pm – We sit down for turkey. It is quite good. All is well because Turkey Season has begun. Sadly, I bought a pre-seasoned turkey, which is quite possibly the worst idea to prep turkey that I have ever heard of. This mistake will never happen again.

So after my wonderful turkey day Sunday… I will be eating turkey every day from now until Christmas. Possibly longer if they are still available in stores.


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