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Jump Start my Kaleidoscope Heart November 10, 2010

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Last week Sarah, Karla, and I went to the House of Blues to see my favorite (after James Taylor), Sara Bareilles!

Look at the Blue Piano!


I know you might not know me, but I don’t get very excited over music.  Sure I like to listen to it and all, but I don’t have an overflowing 30MB iPod {ahem, Karla}.  I’m just saying it’s hard to get me into music.  But it is not hard for me to get into Sara Barellies’s music.  I love every single song!  In addition to her singing she is really funny and down to Earth.  She doesn’t take herself too seriously which is what I love.

As I write this I am eating M&Ms and drinking Chamomile tea, trying to calm down from a hectic day.  Is that like drinking Red Bull and vodka?  Hope not!  Today I attended a First Aid, CPR, and AED class at work given  by the American Heart Association. Those classes always surprise me by how sad they make me.  I know they could be useful one day and might even help me to save someone’s life, but concentrating on a bunch of worse case scenarios is not something I need.  It put me in a weirdo mood and I decided to solve it with a little retail therapy.  I ended up going to two Marshalls stores and got some really fun stuff that I don’t really need.  Wanna hear what I got!?

At the first Marshalls I fell in love with a book end.  A book end? Why do I need a book end?  I don’t.

But like I said I fell in love with it, and I have plans.  You’ll see!

I also found a replacement for my ‘Not a Paper Cup’ cup that fell out of my car and shattered.  The new one even has a pink lid.  Much more stylish than the white cup with the white lid.

At the second Marshalls I found mini mercury glass ornaments…not sure what I’ll do with them, but surely Christmas will help me figure that out.  Then I found the perfect vase for my next project.  I’ve been trying to find one forever and I finally have!  Once I’ve created it I will share.  All the shopping really cheered me up.  Not the thriftiest solution to my problems, but it got me thinking about creative things instead of sad things and that was my intention.


One Response to “Jump Start my Kaleidoscope Heart”

  1. Hannah Says:

    Just one objection. You do get excited by the occasional song. Do the words ‘tiny dancer’ mean anything to you???? Lol

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