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Cougartown November 11, 2010

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Sunday was mine and Jonathan’s 3 year anniversary of dating.  Our gift to each other was flying him back from Denver to Chicago so that we could celebrate together.  We were trying to think of a restaurant to go to last week, one that would not be a meal made for millionaires, but would also suit my need to wear a cute dress in honor of the special occasion (I frequently choose plans this way, based on what I want to wear…I know, it’s sick).  After some Google mapping and discussion, we settled on Hugo’s Frog Bar on Rush and Division.

We had an absolutely incredible dinner: an appetizer of avocado with fresh crabmeat, a cup of clam chowder for me and seafood gumbo for J, Alaskan halibut and macadamia-crusted tilapia, and a delightful (yet the least expensive on the menu) bottle of chardonnay to pair with our fish.  The conversation was amazing, and I didn’t want the evening to end.  But no, this blog entry is not about all that mushy gushy junk.  It’s more about what we noticed while out that evening…

The Rush and Division area is fondly known as the “Viagra triangle” to Chicagoans.  This is because there is an overabundance of people in their 40s and up looking for ‘love’ (I use this term loosely because I don’t want to get too in-depth about what they might all be looking for…I don’t really want to know or think about what they all may be on the hunt for).  Jonathan and I couldn’t help but notice what a funny variety of people there were at Hugo’s on Saturday night.

I have never seen so many cougars in my life!  There were far too many 50-year old women in halter tops and middle aged men in pointy toed snakeskin shoes wearing too much cologne.  But the funny thing is that none of them are looking for each other.  They are all looking for any younger blood that they can scrape up at the restaurants or clubs in the area.  It’s a good thing Jonathan and I were clearly together and companions that evening, or I may have had to fight the bleach blond grandma in the skinny jeans and tube top off my man!

The evolution of dating at an older age amazes me.  It used to be that people A) didn’t see divorce as such an option, instead they worked it out with their mate, B) wouldn’t find another mate if their original was removed from the picture, instead they would focus on their family and career or C) gave up after a certain age on finding this so-called ‘love.’  Now, sometimes when I’m out I swear there may be more cougars and man-cougars (it’s a new edition to Urban Dictionary…you really should click on that link, I especially enjoyed the example quote at the bottom) than single people in their 20s or 30s!

Needless to say, after our luxurious dinner, Jonathan and I headed to Mother Hubbard’s, a sports bar OUTSIDE of the Viagra triangle for a few beers and some company our own age.


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