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Ranting and Raving, A Short Story November 14, 2010

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I’ve been complaining about several things lately… so much that I sound like a broken record to even myself. So as I found myself on rainy Sunday night RUNNING up the steps of my church in desperation for some one-on-one time with the Big Guy to vent my frustrations, I get to the door to find it locked. So… you all are going to have to help me out because He was busy.

First, I have gained 12 horrible pounds since having my appendix removed in June. These awful pounds have been clinging onto my body for dear life for 5 long and frustrating months now… and I want them gone. My sister has recently shared with me some crazy exercise plan, P90x or something like that. At this point, I am willing to try it because nothing is working and I can’t fit into my suit for work! I know God can’t make me skinny, but can’t he at least make pizza taste bad?

Next, why does everyone feel the need to ask when you are going to get married? I once read that when you’re at weddings and the relatives keep coming up to you, elbowing you saying, “You’re next, heh heh” that I should respond by elbowing those same people at funerals and say, “You’re next, heh heh.” I may begin this practice if people don’t stop asking me. It just makes me feel pressured and I hate that.

Lastly, I need something soft at home that will love me unconditionally. Pets are supposed to lower stress levels and I am in need of just that. I don’t much care for cats and dogs are a lot of work… isn’t there a rent-a-dog type of service so I can have one to snuggle with me for an hour and then someone can take it home? I know there isn’t, but there should be. Young entrepreneurs: I just gave you a million dollar idea. Don’t forget insurance.

So there’s my rant for the week. J


2 Responses to “Ranting and Raving, A Short Story”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Actually, there is something like that at PAWS, you can be a foster parent for a dog! It’s for more than just an hour, but you could do it for a couple of days and give some love, get some in return from a fluffy friend, and then they take it back! 🙂

  2. Katie Rose Says:

    Have you heard of or considered ‘Insanity’? It is just as crazy as P90X in terms of results and costs about the same, but it doesn’t require you to buy any equipment or weights like P90X does. All it requires is a TV, DVD player, about 4 – 6 feet of space, and you!

    It is also a 60 day program instead of a 90 day and comes with an eating guide to assist you. I did it in May – June of this year. It is mostly cardio and strength training (using your own weight). I didn’t lose a ton of weight, maybe just a couple pounds (but we all know muscle weighs more than fat right 🙂 ?), but I definitely did tone up and become more flexible!

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