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Bikram Yoga – No Sweat! November 17, 2010

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Bikram yoga…aka “hot” yoga is kicking my butt. Keeping in decent shape, I regularly run, participate in drills when I’m coaching and play a variety of sports with an adult league team. So, yoga should be a breeze. It’s not something I’ve never done before either. In the past I’ve taken a series of classes from a local park district and a local studio.

But when a 90-degree temperature is added to the mix (and that’s not even the hottest…105 degrees is in case you were wondering), I’ve found that my claim of “being in shape” is one big fat lie.

The heat slams into me as soon as I open the classroom door. After a few minutes of my body adjusting to Egyptian-like temperatures. I say to myself, “This isn’t too bad…I can totally do this without sweating too much.” 15 minutes later, I’m still breathing, moving into the different poses fine and not sweating…a ton.

Each repetition of the postures slowly becomes more challenging.  My foot stops extending fully in front of me in the warrior pose, my elbows are no longer tucked near my body and my arms are about to fall off if I have to do one more downward-facing dog. Time check: 20 minutes in to class and I’m full on sweating. So much for thinking this would be a cakewalk.

My body starts wobbling more and more each time we switch positions.  As I’m told to lift my left leg up, it’s not as high as when I first started. Pushing myself to endure the last 40 minutes, I check my breathing and focus.

Finally the lights dim and I notice the temperature dropping to more reasonable 80ish degrees. I’m down for the count enjoying a “corpse” position, appropriately named, thinking two things. One, I just lost about 20% of my body weight in sweat. And two, I really enjoyed the class–seriously.


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