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Swap for the Greater Good November 23, 2010

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This past weekend, a bunch of my girlfriends and I got together for a Swap.  No, not the kind of party where you throw your keys in a bowl!  Instead you throw money in a bowl and bring gently worn clothes, shoes, accessories and swap them with your friends.  At the end all the unspoken-for items are donated.  It’s truly a win- win situation!  I got to clean out my closet, find a new home for my things, get some new items for myself, and help those in need.

~Donation Station~

~Our Local Shelter~

~Setting Up~

I got the idea from an organization called Swap for Good that puts Swaps on all over the country in order to raise money for local domestic violence shelters.  I was planning on attending the one in Chicago, but it just so happened that Ms. Bareilles had her concert that same night.  As I was pouting and looking to see if there was another Swap planned nearby, I found the page suggesting people hold their own Swap.  Genius! ( I said to myself) and immediately started planning…

$10 donations were asked for at the door and there was food and drinks for everyone to enjoy while they swapped their little hearts out.  There was a mirror to check yourself out and even a jewelry station that my lovely sister put together (regretfully there is no picture!).  It was entertaining to see people try on outfits and tell stories about their former belongings.  Everyone found something to take home with them, including me.  I ended up with 10 ‘new’ items…practically a new wardrobe!  And you better believe that I’ve already worn two of these ‘new’ outfits to work.

~My Swap Treasures~

We all agreed it should become a permanent tradition around the holidays.  At the end of the night we had 5 bags worth of goodies, not to mention a monetary donation to give to The New Hope Community Service Center in Chicago.  We were excited about our ‘new’ stuff, but most excited to be helping out in our own community.




3 Responses to “Swap for the Greater Good”

  1. Orli Says:

    Hi Kelly,

    As one of the founders of Swap for Good, I was thrilled to read about your swap – thanks so much for hosting an event!! It’s so exciting to read about these successful events raising money for domestic violence shelters around the country.
    I didn’t notice your event signed up on our site – it would be great if you could sign up at http://events.swapforgood.org/signup (even though your event has already taken place) so that we can add your event to the list of over 100 events that have taken place around the country this year! Also, if you’d like to share any of your photos, we would be happy to add them to our Flickr stream.
    Thanks again for everything you’re doing – and glad to hear your swap went well.

    • Uncharted Says:

      Thanks for your comment Orli! It means a lot coming from one of the creaters of Swap for Good. It is such a good cause and i’m glad we were able to help out.

      I went to the site and signed up my event so it can be counted in all the events this year. Next I have to add pictures!


  2. […] friend Holly had brought over the paint I used on the end tables as part of our swap, (read about that here) and I still have some leftover. So, theoretically I could end up with a nice three-piece set. […]

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