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(Leaf) Piles of Fun! November 25, 2010

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Kelly, Karla and I had the itch to help out.  Kelly and I had been reminiscing about when we were in junior high and high school and used to do loads of volunteer work through church.  And then we all went away to college, joined some kind of Greek organization, and continued to help out.  As adults, we were missing the chance to do some good for others.  And what better time to lend a helping hand than holiday season?!  We have so much to be thankful for, and it’s only right that we share our blessings with others.

So we joined a group of amazing, generous people called Global Hope for a day of leaf raking.  The three of us bundled up in many layers on a crisp November morning to “do good” for the community (my DG girls, I thought you’d like a shout out!).  Our group divided into two teams, each which embarked on a journey to rake several lawns belonging to elderly people.

Raking away, and having fun doing it!

The Global Hope group was comprised of people of a variety of ages, and the three of us were on the younger end that day.  The rest of the group encouraged us “young folk” to go and greet the homeowners when we arrived at each location on our list, explaining to them why we were there and asking if they had any special requests.  Every single door we went to that day opened upon a smiling, extremely grateful elderly person.  They all had snacks and stories to share with us, along with abundant thanks.

We worked hard to rake those lawns over a time span of around 5 hours, and several of our warming layers of sweaters and sweatshirts had to come off as we worked our little butts off to make life a little easier for some happy seniors.  Every minute of the experience was worth it, even my aching back the next morning.  In fact, my aches even made me smile (often) over the next few days; they were reminders of the good we had done, the kindness we displayed toward one another while raking and sharing stories, and the thankfulness we shared with those who really needed it at this beautiful time of year.

Relaxing in the piles after a day of HARD WORK!


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