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I Need a Little Christmas November 30, 2010

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The turkey and sweet potatoes (with marshmallows that may or may not have caught on fire momentarily) have been devoured and now it is time to prepare for Christmas!  Shopping, budgets, sending my love through snail-mail, attending festive parties, and seeing all my friends and family.  I actually got started last week by creating a planner for the holidays.


Isn’t it beautiful?!  I ❤ it and would carry it around with me even if it didn’t have all my receipts, coupons, schedules, and lists in it.  I was wandering online and somehow ended up at Eighteen25’s adorable blog which has a wonderful guide on how to create your own Christmas planner.  Check it out here! I became obsessed with the idea and went straight to an office store after work to pick up the notebook.  I was able to use scrapbook paper I already had as well as ribbon and tabs.  Lord knows I have enough scrapbook paper for 24 scrapbooks with hardly any pages to show for it.

Karla walked in on me in the middle of crafting this little beauty and told me she was judging me for listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving.  In my defense, I needed it to get in the mood for the project.  What sort of things do you do to prepare for the upcoming holidays?


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