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A Reflection on the Forgotten Holiday December 1, 2010

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You could say I’m a bit of an angry Pilgrim. Following in the footsteps of Eric and Kathy’s mission to restore the forgotten holiday of Thanksgiving, I’m a firm believer that you and I should not be subjected to the following before the big turkey day (unless strictly on a volunteer basis):

  • Hearing Christmas music
  • Seeing Christmas decorations in the stores, strung up on peoples porches, etc.
  • Watching Christmas movies on TV
  • Creating holiday cards
  • Present shopping

Every year it seems that Thanksgiving is becoming more and more the forgotten holiday. As people recover from their Halloween candy coma, their focus switches to Christmas before their mini Twix wrappers have even hit the trashcan. Out go the costumes, carved pumpkins and ghosts decorations. Down come the Christmas lights from the attic, the tree, and boxes of ornaments.

But wait, what about the other holiday? The one that falls on the fourth Thursday in November? Where the tables are decorated with warm colors of red, orange and yellow, featuring an abundant selection of turkey, ham, stuffing, sweet potatoes, cranberries, mashed potatoes and the beloved crescent rolls?

Around that table, or tables, families are gathered together from near and far sharing past stories and creating new memories together.

This holiday offers a time of reflection for the life we have been given – an opportunity to give thanks for the time we’ve been given, our possessions, our family and friends.

Thanksgiving is a celebration that has its’ conception in the mid 1600’s. It holds a special meaning that deserves more than becoming a reference point for Black Friday.

So for next year, enjoy the moments you have with the people you care about around the table, sharing a meal made with love without entertaining thoughts of mistletoe.


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