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Patience is a Virtue…and a Safety Feature December 7, 2010

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Last year Karla and I got our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving.  By the time our New Year’s party came around the thing was so dry, I was scared to use the oven for fear the tree would burst into flames.  And that is with 2 rooms in between!  It was my fault.  I saw a Christmas tree lot a couple blocks away from our apartment and got so excited I dragged Karla over there and way overpaid for a tree on the spot.

This year has been drastically different.  I am being way more patient about the tree, and we are being more intentional about decorating.


1.        We cleaned the apartment all day

~After everything was spotless~

2.       I unpacked all of our Christmas decorations and laid them all out


1.        We decorated room by room.  The entryway has a blue/white theme, the dining room has religious pieces (angels and mangers), and the living room has a red/gold theme complete with a Santa-bear sleigh on the mantel!

There is still no tree.  I think the one from last year really taught me to wait it out a little bit.  Plus once we get one, we have to start using a squirt bottle on Harlo every time he gets near the thing.  Cats really do climb Christmas trees.  I saw it happen this weekend at a friends house.  Hey, at least I let him play with some ornaments before we put them up…


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