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Bakin’ & Eggs December 14, 2010

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All bundled up, making the trek to a lovely brunch place –>

After almost getting blown over (not an overstatement at all), we made it!  This place is adorable!  Its full name is: Bakin’ & Eggs- A Lovely Idea. I loved the idea from the moment I walked in…and it wasn’t just because I was freezing my legs off and needed warmth! –>

We were immediately greeted by a lovely host who {I believe} owns the place with her husband.  It was a 20 minute wait for a table, which we were happy to endure after our trudge through the snow and wind.  There was a huge chocolate sculpture sitting next to the woman whose-name-I-didn’t catch and it turns out her husband created it and has been in Food Network Challenges before.  I was so impressed and we even got to meet the guy.  I’ll have to look for him on TV now.

After our wait, they sat us at a table near the back which we were happy about.

I’ll give you a hint- the cold and windy door was up front.

I was so excited because this place had such fun details.  A lot of the seating was actually antique church pews, there was a wall of tin ceiling tiles, and check out this inventive menu:

How clever is that to put it on a clipboard?!  I loved it, but what I loved even more was the yummy food!

This was so scrumptious – It’s a cinnamon raisin toast sandwich with chicken apple sausage, an egg, and cheese along with some home style potatoes.  I didn’t even know what chicken apple sausage was but I tried it and liked it very much.  Oh and there is my peppermint mocha that disappointed me a bit with the low levels of peppermint.  Still overall a great brunch!  Sarah had a mozzarella tomato frittata along with jalapeño bacon, they seriously had 5 different types of bacon, and Karla had a breakfast BLT (honey bacon since she can’t bear spicy foods).  The prices were reasonable for how happy I was.  My mocha and breakfast were $14.85 all together and I was in a blissful ‘food coma’, as Sarah put it.  On the way back to Sarah’s place the walk was much more pleasant.  The wind was at our backs and snow was glittery and pretty.  It was definitely a lovely brunch and I wish I lived closer so I could go every Sunday!


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