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Creative Wrapping December 21, 2010

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Sarah loves crafting, Karla loves baking and Kate loves shopping.  What’s my love at Christmas time?  Wrapping!

There is always regular wrapping paper and that ribbon you can make curlier with scissors.  I mean at least it’s wrapped, right?  But occasionally when I have some time I like to go the extra mile and really do a present up!  It’s a great opportunity to be creative.  Not that I have a lot of time available with a new job and tons of holiday events going on… but I enjoy the wrapping of a present so much I thought I’d take a little time this Christmas season to come up with three different ways to get creative with wrapping:

1.  Use something besides traditional ribbon.
In this case I used yarn with some pretty button embellishments along with yarn poufs.  I have a lot of yarn around my apartment (it’s the main element I craft with for my Etsy shop) so I might as well use it!  You could use many items…colored tape, twine, an old necklace, the list goes on and on.  I took a short cut and hot-glued the buttons and yarn poufs to the middle of the bows.

2.  Gift Bags are a great way to wrap strangely shaped items.

This plain brown bag is stamped and covered with a green metallic embossing powder.  I love the shiny look it gives off and it makes it look more store bought.  I also love the opportunity to make my own pattern.  You can do a repeating pattern like I did or do a single stamp.  This is a very fast project and looks like a lot of work to others.



3.  Tissue Paper Wrapping is an inexpensive substitute for traditional wrapping paper.

This is white tissue paper stamped with Brilliance Ink in the Peacock color and a whimsical stamp.  Again you can make any pattern you’d like!   It’s a very untraditional look yet could be considered Christmas-y.  I needed to use a few layers of the tissue so no one could see what the gift is.  Then I used a fun pom pom ribbon to tie the whole gift together.

What creative ideas do you have for wrapping?


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