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Update January 10, 2011

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When I typed up my first blog entry for Uncharted, I disclosed my shopping habits and lack of saving sense. Last week, I unveiled a big resolution… to lose 20 lbs. Here are my updates:

First, I am reading the most wonderful book. It’s called, “Live it, Love it, Earn it.” This book is not only a great piece of advice for financial freedom and savings, but it is also a motivational and inspiring book for life achievements. My favorite part is when you are encouraged to create a “Vision Board.” This board should contain pictures or memorabilia to represent all of your life’s goals. IT should be hung somewhere where you can see it often to remind you of what you are striving to be. My vision board (yes, I took the time to make one) has a picture of my hunny, my family, some items to represent where I want to take my shoe business and my half marathon medal to remait fit and healthy. I highly recommend this book if you are looking for some inspiration to organize your goals and to strive to achieve them.

Last week when I posted my resolutions, I had no idea how difficult it could be. Kelly even posted 26 of them! It’s difficult to remember everything I want to fix and dedicate a part of each day to each of my resolutions. I have, however, lost 6 lbs! There’s still more work to do, but it’s a start!

Are you still keeping your new years resolutions?


One Response to “Update”

  1. Rachael Says:

    I made a list for Greg and I this year of fun things we’d like to do.(I like the idea to make it look pretty and hang it up somewhere!) Some things on there are: to see a play/musical and have a nice dinner in the city, go on the Wrigley Field tour and have lunch at Harry Caray’s, attend a Cubs/Sox game, and go to a couple’s cooking class. I made it so that way we have something to achieve. Instead of being lazy and ordering out, if we just saved that $$ we could do one of these fun things!

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