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Bookworm January 13, 2011

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I love to read.  The problem is that with working so many hours a day and bringing work home past those hours at school, I don’t often have time to read what I want to read.  I only have time to read what I’m required to read for work.

 That is, until Jonathan bought me an Amazon Kindle for Christmas this year.  He told me I had to open half of my Christmas present when we went to his parents’ house, because their present corresponded with that half.  I was confused, since I was sure I had given no hints toward anything I really wanted other than to be miraculously transported to live with Jonathan in Denver (and I was fairly confident that I was not receiving a helicopter ticket and being handed a teaching job).

When I opened the first half of my present, I was very pleasantly surprised to find an Amazon Kindle.  I immediately understood; when I had visited Jonathan’s parents while he was living in Denver, I became immersed in his mom’s Kindle.  I thought it was so cool.  It is amazing to me that you can download over 3,000 books to a thin handheld device, and read them with the ease and gentleness with which you read a vintage-scented book from the public library. And I love that his parents’ present to me was a soft, magenta Kindle cover (SO my style).

Each year when school starts, I lament the reality that I will probably not read anything of my choice for the next nine months.  I’m so swamped by research and texts I am required to read to keep up with educational trends that I can’t even imagine making time to read what I want.  But my Kindle has inspired me.  I know it sounds corny, but I am finding time to read again.  I have already read three books for pleasure, and have even discovered the world of online Kindle versions of educational trend texts!  So at least if I have to read them, I can read them more contentedly.  Although, I am more looking forward to finally finishing the Stieg Larsson trilogy.   In fact, I think I may read a chapter or two before I hit the hay tonight…


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