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The Perfect Scrapbook January 19, 2011

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Procrastination is not in my vocabulary. I don’t understand it. And I don’t ever want to understand it. My rhythm is getting things done and it has worked out well. Yet, I hate to say, I’m not exactly perfect.

Unfortunately, I have been deterred from completing one particular project…a scrapbook from a vacation that took place a year and a half ago.

I could say that I wanted the scrapbook to be perfect. Scouring Joann Fabrics for paper that looks like sand takes time, as does organizing all of my tickets and brochures and doing design layouts. However, I’m not as meticulous or ambitious as my best friend, Jill. Her scrapbooks are amazing! Probably because she uses graph paper to create her page templates ahead of time and has a Cricut machine.

But honestly, the reason I waited was because I was too cheap to get the photos printed through Kodak online all at once and my previous “home” printer was not exactly “high quality”. Wanting the scrapbook to be perfect by my standards, I waited until this past Christmas.

That’s when my parents gave me an awesome new printer. Then, when completing the online registration of my printer, I received discounted photo paper. Score! To my delight the paper arrived in the mail this weekend. I can now finally start my scrapbook!

Curious as to where I went on this vacation that took place almost 18 months ago? The trip started off with a cultural exploration of a developing country – 15 days in Egypt (with 958 potential photos), followed by 5 days in a European town I wanted to see without any snow – Paris, France which also included side trip to Normandy (another 619 potential photos).

Maybe I should invest in some graph paper and a nice mechanical pencil…1,577 are a lot of photos to organize. It’s a good thing that I ordered extra photo paper!

Heavy lifting

Walking like an Egyptian


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