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Korean Tacos…Yumm! January 26, 2011

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Exploring Chicago is one of my favorite pastimes. Trying out new restaurants, shops, vintage boutiques, bakeries, you name it, I’m game! Last Thursday I did just that with my favorite married couple, Tom and Kim, who just happen to live down the block.

Tom and I are always reading Chicago Magazine and take our cues as to which restaurants to try by their monthly hot list. We both saw a place called Del Seoul in Lincoln Park known for Korean tacos. Korean meets Mexican…wonder how that works out? Hmmm. This intrigued us enough to try it out!

A few weeks ago Tom, Kim and I went to Del Seoul in Lincoln Park. It was AMAZING. We each ordered two different style tacos, split kimchi fries and “Seoul” style street dumplings. There is definitely enough to divide one taco into two and they’re a steal at $2.50 a piece. My favorite is the Kalbi (grilled beef short rib), but the spicy BBQ pork came in a close second.

So how does this mash-up of cultures work? It starts with a corn tortilla followed by mix of lettuce, sesame seed, plum sauce, a few other things and your choice of meat pilled high, equaling delicious.

Beef Short Rib - courtesy of Tom

Because I fell in love with Del Seoul, I began talking up the tacos to Kelly, my co-workers and friends. I even told my parents, but I think they were still a little confused about the whole Korean and Mexican mash-up.

Anyway, Tom texted me last Wednesday asking if I was up for tacos and my reply, “YES!” Plus, Kelly was able to come with us and experience the Korean taco first-hand. With all the hype I had been building around these tacos, I was a little worried that the second time wouldn’t be as good. But my Korean tacos did not disappoint. They were equally as good ☺.

To polish off the night, we went to try a fun bakery with reasonable prices called Sweet Mandy B’s on Webster to fulfill our need for sweets. Even at eight thirty at night, there was an ample selection of delicious delectables lining the shelves. A variety of bars, cookies and cupcakes beckoned to be taken home and eaten. Kelly and I decided to each get a cupcake and then split them in half so we could each have a taste. French toast (with a fabulous maple syrup frosting) and “Elvis” (banana –chocolate chip muffin with peanut butter frosting) made the cut. Kelly still gushes about the French toast, but I thought Elvis rocked the house.

Our next trip downtown might be to the Purple Elephant, Sprinkles, or More. We are also planning on making reservations at the Girl & Goat. Keep posted for the future exploits!


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