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Movies… and What they Lack…Editing January 31, 2011

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I think I found my calling. Friends joke about it… but seriously, it may be what I was put on this Earth to do. Edit. I am SO sick of watching movies that require additional editing, it’s ridiculous. I love movies. I love the stories, the acting, seeing the directing, the videography… I take it all in… down to the soundtrack. But there is nothing I hate more than a movie that lacks the critical piece of editing. Let me give you an example. Have you seen Avatar? You know that scene where he catches his flying bird dragon thing and is flying around. Do you know how long he flies on that thing “whooping” and laughing? 12 minutes. I timed it. I would say after about 2 minutes, we aallllll get it. He likes to fly on the thing. Anyway, I watched some movies this weekend in my quest for saving money and eating less and here is what I found.

Salt: LOVE. Kept my attention, had a good story line and most importantly, Angelina Jolie in an interview mentioned that the role was originally created for a man. I especially love this because her character didn’t act sexual or flirty in order to achieve her goals and she also wasn’t Miss Feminism and Girl Power either. I’d recommend it. Let’s not forget the fact that every time the story switched I got thrown for a loop on how it would end.


Wall Street: We turned it off after 45 minutes. Maybe I’m dumb, but I didn’t get what was going on. Was the company going under? Was he selling the company? Was it just in trouble but then he killed himself? What the heck is going on? And what do they mean when they talk about this Wall Street mumbo jumbo. I am not a stock broker for a reason. Lack of interest.

Babel: This is an oldie.. Well 2006. I stopped watching after 7 minutes. I hate to read movies.

Is it just me or do movies nowadays lack a certain, “je ne sais quois?” I am missing the days of good ole Disney (Beauty and the Beast) and horror (Seven) and action (The Rock). Even the always appropriate chick flick (Bridget Jones’ Diary).

I’m still looking to be wowed.


3 Responses to “Movies… and What they Lack…Editing”

  1. Kristen Says:

    Oohh, Babel is SUCH a fantastic movie. Really moving and thought provoking!

    I’d suggest: The King’s Speech, The Kids are All Right, and The Fighter. All great!

  2. Sarah Says:

    I watched Wall Street Money Never Sleeps last night…and I also was sorely underwhelmed! I felt like I understood the movie, but I was bored. And I was disappointed with the boredom I felt, because I was hoping for more out of this one.

  3. Karla Says:

    Totally second the nomination of the King’s Speech. Brilliant!

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