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Is a Blizzard>Scrapbooking? February 1, 2011

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Well people, in case you haven’t noticed, there is a blizzard going on here in Chicago (and the across 12 other states too).  I have some mixed feelings about this because bad weather is a lot of work and can be dangerous.  However there is something so cozy about finally making it home out of the cold snow, getting into comfy clothes, and just knowing that you are safe and sound inside.  I really do hope it is cleared up by the weekend though.  I’m gonna have to dig my way out of the apartment because I have my very first scrapbook weekend to attend!

I just love a beautifully created scrapbook page.  The thought and effort that can go into a 12×12 inch space is amazing.  The title, paper, textures, pictures, and accents that can be used are unending.  My problem is I am so slow.  I cannot stand to give up the quality that I really expect for a scrapbook in order to get it done faster.  I dream not only to have an inspiring, creative, entertaining scrapbook, but of having at least one of my started scrapbooks complete.  This is the problem.  I can’t ever finish pages, if I do finally finish one, it means it took me a whole Sunday to do it!

So you see, so far this dream has been elusive.  Not anymore!  A friend of mine asked me to go on the upcoming scrapbook weekend last year and I thought it would be a great way to start off 2011.  It’s 2 and a half days of pure scrapbooking.  Really!  You stay in a hotel and they feed you, provide free tools that I would never buy myself, and you can take classes to learn new techniques, and you can win free stuff!  I decided to go for it.  I think without the distractions of home around me as well as other scrap bookers to inspire me, I can finish a lot of pages.  Now I just have to decide what pictures to use…




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