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Girls Weekend! February 7, 2011

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There is nothing like a weekend that allows you get to get away with two of your closest girlfriends. No traffic, no boys, no clothes. Haha, just kidding. That’s for the guys.

So this weekend I got to make a getaway with Sarah (one of my fellow Uncharted Authors) and our dear friend Hollice. We went up to Madison to spend time at Hollice’s family’s bed and breakfast (The Parsonage… you should check it out!). This was exactly what we needed. Time to relax and forget about our stresses. This weekend was all about us. Eating, Relaxing, Having Fun.

For me, getting away to sleep in, eat ginormous delicious breakfasts (sugar/peppered bacon!), and meander around a new city is the perfect relaxation technique. It allowed for our minds to wander from the everyday worries and instead, focus on the fact that EVERYONE IN MADISON, WISCONSIN IS RUDE AND UNFRIENDLY. Ok, not everyone, but in all seriousness, it was a little excessive. What I mean is, we were lucky to experience a new city with hilarious novelty stores, nobody we knew except each other and a lot of laughter. We went shopping on State Street in downtown Madison, drank white cosmos til we ran out of ingredients, caught up on each other’s lives… and spent most of our time in our pj’s. This is not to mention that I got two glorious nights sleeping in my own bed again. (Don’t feel bad for him, he enjoyed his time away from me too!).

I guess I feel that a lot of life’s troubles can be cured with some girl time away from home. I’ve arrived back in the Chi refreshed and feeling positive. Ready to attack my recent case of hiccups and plow forward. I’ve rebooted. I’ve reaffirmed my 2011 goals. And I’ m stronger.


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