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Disconnecting February 9, 2011

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Catching up on my magazine reading poolside I read in a recent study, the average American absorbs 12 hours of media consumption in nine hours. It’s easy to do when technology is at our fingertips 24-seven.

I’m a classic case. Unwinding after dinner in the living room, I’m curled up in a chair watching TV (usually HGTV or PBS) with my MacBook (searching for deals on Craiglist/real estate listings) and iPhone (ready to text/use an app) close by. Even at work I have at least three tabs open on google chrome, podcasts of BBC streaming and sometimes I’ll even rock out to music on my cell phone. Being connected is part of my every day natural habits.

Yet, Florida has forced me to disconnect. I’m writing this blog post on my parents’ lanai enjoying a view of the Orange River with no wireless connection. I’ve turned my phone on silent and resisted the urge to check my mail every five minutes. The one bar of service I get keeps me reassured I am still connected to my data plan, if I need it.

Turning off or at least silencing means I can enjoy the view. Watching five different types of birds fly around while one takes up residence on the boatlift three feet away. There is a gecko is sunning on the dock and I’m still scanning the water for a manatee to pop up and say hello. Boats float down with passengers waving hello with a smile.

There is nothing I love more than being by water, enjoying good company and fine wine. Visiting my parents in Florida has done just that. Allowing me reconnect with the people I care about most – my parents, my aunt and uncle, many of our close family friends and of course, my best friend Jill who came down form Detroit for a few days.

It’s good to recharge your own batteries every once in awhile. Try powering down, you might be surprised by what happens next.

Enjoying the view


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