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Three Nifty Ways to be Thrifty February 15, 2011

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When you shop, do you ever feel like it isn’t the item that you’re purchasing that gets you so excited, but instead the thrill of getting a deal?  I recognize I don’t always need everything that I buy, but sometimes it’s such a great deal I can’t pass it up!

Here are some of my latest deals I’m proud of and the tips I learned from them:

Burt’s Bee’s Lip Balm
The 4-pack tin was originally $10, which already is an awesome deal considering one lip balm usually costs around 3 bucks.  But just the other day at Bed, Bath, and Beyond I found that same 4 pack for $4.99!  To top it off I had my trusty 20% coupon (they’ll even accept the expired ones) with me so I actually received the tin for $3.99.  That comes to just 99 cents per lip balm!

~Always keep your coupons with you~

Red Dress
I was at Macy’s (I know long live Marshall Field’s!) and found a red floral dress.  I’m not a huge wearer of red, but I loved the pattern so much I decided to try it on.  It fit like a glove and then I took a look at the price tag: it was originally $60, had been marked down a few times all the way to $15, then everything on sale in the store was an additional 50% off.  After all those great discounts I ended up owing only $7 something with tax!

~Buy items out of season if possible~

While shopping at CostCo with my Nana I came across a bottle of 90 Claritin pills for $35.00.  If you have allergies and need to use this stuff, you would realize what a great buy that is.  That’s only a cost of 39 cents a pill.  As opposed to buying a 20 pack from Walgreens for around $20 bucks…or $1 per pill!  That means I saved 60 cents per pill, which really adds up when you take the stuff almost every day.  Gosh darn mold, dust, trees, and cats (Sorry Harlo, I still love you!)

~Buying in bulk can save you a lot in the long run~

I think most people could use a deal when they go shopping.  And doesn’t it feel better when you saved so much money?  I’d love to hear what sort of tips you all have for scoring good deals too.  Don’t be shy please share the wealth!


2 Responses to “Three Nifty Ways to be Thrifty”

  1. Katie Rose Says:

    If I am at a store and don’t have a coupon with me (whether I left it at home or know there is one that I could cut or print out), I will not buy the item. I just cannot justify paying more for something that you know you can get elsewhere, or later, for cheaper!

    • Uncharted Says:

      Sometimes I can justify it if I know I won’t be back in that area in awhile. I tell myself the cost to come back would be more than I’m saving.

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