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Update I: 2011 Aspirations February 22, 2011

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Well it’s already the second month of 2011, can you believe it!?  I seriously cannot.  There is part of me that loves how fast it went because it means I was never bored.  On the other hand it scares me when time goes that fast.  I remember being a kid and grownups saying time goes faster as you get older.  If that is true what will it be like when I’m 80?  Maybe years will feel like days and days will feel like hours?

Back to the point!  I want to share how I am doing on my Aspirations for 2011.  It’s crazy how dedicated the beginning of the year makes me and now I can tell the dedication has waned a bit.  I think instead of reading the aspirations every once and awhile I will read them every day.  It seems like the best way to keep them top of mind.

So let’s start at the beginning.  I’ll update the things worth updating:

~26 aspirations for 2011~

.1.  Pack homemade lunches

I do this a lot more than I did, but still rely on a frozen meal or two each week.  I go out a lot less, but don’t always say no because being in a new job I think it’s important to be social and make friends at work.

.2.  Arrive 5 minutes early to everything

I wanted to concentrate on work because although I wasn’t really ever late, I was always right on time which still left me feeling behind.  I’ve started getting up earlier and being strict with myself on what time I leave the house.  I am constantly surprised how much calmer I am in the car (see #12) when I leave extra time for myself!  I experienced a strong reminder when I was rushing to a Yoga class the other night. I finally got there, maybe two minutes late, and the door to the studio was locked.  Walking away I felt like a scolded child, but it also reaffirmed why I want being early to be a priority.

.3.  Hunt for treasures in antique & Thrift stores

.4.  Grow and cultivate a positive spirit

.5.  Make exercise a normal routine

I had a Groupon I bought last year to CorePowerYoga and there is a studio very close by.  I decided to get moving on this exercise thing.  I am very proud because I even tried Hot Yoga for the first time!  Let me tell you it is a lot of work, but after I make it through one of the classes I feel stronger and a sense of renewal.

.6.  Declutter and create a tranquil bedroom

.7.  Visit out of town friends

One of my dear friends is an artist and is having a show in April.  A bunch of us have already talked about going to see her show and have started to plan our visit!  I am majorly excited because I’ve always loved her creativity and now I will be able to see it in a big way.  This trip is within the state, but it’s a start!

.8.  Read at least 2 books per month

January: The Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau
The Gospel According to Coco Chanel: Life Lessons from the World’s Most Elegant Woman by Karen Karbo
February: Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer
I’m really enjoying getting back into reading, but am amazed at how much discipline it takes me to sit down and read and do nothing else…interesting

.9.  Stop biting my nails and messing with my cuticles

I had a bad spell when my nails were peeling and my cuticles were calling out for me to mess with them, but I finally had enough and went for a manicure last week.  Even though I did hard labor this weekend, they still stayed nice!  They key for me is to ignore them.

.10. Take a sewing class

Might have a partner in crime lined up, but nothing planned yet

.11. Learn to play 1 piano song beautifully

.12. Curb my temper and anxiety while driving

Like I said in #2, being more on time has helped with this one.  {I have a ways to go though}

.13. Try attending at least two new churches

.14. Complete service events every month

So I modified my intentions a bit and in January donated my money instead of time to a few causes.  I came into an extra bit of money and decided to help others with it.  I was really happy with my choices:

Charity: Water– Everyone deserves clean water to drink
Kiva– Loan to a woman in Peru with her own daycare center
Heifer Project– I bought a flock of chicks and a hive of bees for some families in need
Leukemia and Lymphoma Society– I donated to 2 friends doing a snow shoe event to raise funds for research

Then this past weekend I helped paint a school on the Southside of Chicago.  Karla will be talking more about that in her post tomorrow.  Stay tuned for details!

.15. Solve the clutter on my home desk

.16. Travel to somewhere I’ve never been before

.17. Be clear on my yeses and nos

.18. Organize my finances- so I can start saving

I bought some shoes this weekend and after I put them away decided perhaps I will try the shoebox plan where you keep track of receipts in a shoebox.  I’ve never tried this method before and perhaps the physicalness of it will help me.  You never know it could work!

.19. Get 8 hours of sleep always

This is a constant battle with myself.  Some days I make it and some days I don’t.  Mostly I haven’t been strict enough with myself to make it happen.

.20. Purchase a bicycle and ride it as much as possible

.21. Use natural products in my beauty routine

.22. Go see a play I’ve never seen before

.23. Refrain from using the F word

There are good days and bad days…

.24. Start a new ‘Green’ habit every quarter

I know this is basic, but I’ve always left the water running while I brush my teeth.  I am doing pretty good so far not keeping it on for the whole brushing experience, but I have slip ups.  It takes awhile to break an over 20 year habit!

.25. Go to a movie by myself

.26. Take a hot air balloon ride

While I haven’t ridden in a hot air balloon yet, my sweetheart of a boyfriend gifted me the necklace pictured on my original post, for Valentine’s Day.  Now when I wear it, it helps me think about all the aspirations I have for 2011 and how I will make them happen!




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