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Pretty on a Plate March 1, 2011

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Lately I’ve found myself hungry for recipes to create.  I’ve found my Real Simple subscription (thanks sis!) to be very supportive with several great looking meals that aren’t too difficult to create.  And there’s usually a theme like, ‘Meals Under 5 Dollars’ or ’10 Different Ideas for Smoothies!’  If that weren’t enough, I figured out that they have even more ideas on their website.  The last time I went there I found: 50 Best Heart-Healthy Recipes.  I was afraid they’d be boring, but au contraire mes amis!  They all look easy…not to mention good for you and actually seemed tasty!  So tasty that I started adding the ingredients to the grocery list.  The other cool thing is the recipes don’t require tons of special ingredients.  They are things most people have on hand, like chicken breast, salt & pepper, and olive oil.  Who would have thought it was really that simple?

The reason I love recipes so much is they tell you exact instructions of how to complete a meal.  In fact I might love those instructions a bit too much.  This past Fall I attended an apple tart class with my cousins and I’m afraid I upset the pastry chef when I kept interrupting him to ask why what he was teaching didn’t match the recipe he handed out in the beginning of class.  He tried to explain that variations were not that big of a deal.  I stopped asking questions, but of course variations are a big deal {to me}!  His way totally messes with my idea of right and wrong, black and white, and well you get the idea.  The only time I stray is when a recipe needs more garlic!

Grey areas are tough for me.  There are so many already built into life I don’t need to create more for myself.  What can I say?  I don’t treat cooking as a time to be free spirited.  Instead it is a comfort to know that if I follow the instructions on the little card, I will be able to serve something as tasty and pretty looking as the picture.


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