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You can do it! March 7, 2011

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Ever heard of a bucket list? Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman popularized this in a movie released some years back. Well, the members of my family have always carried one of these around with us, reminding us of all of the things we want to achieve in our lifetime. Do you have one?

My list includes a few exciting, a few dangerous and a few “usual” activities to include on this sort of the list. The best part is that I keep adding to it, so that it never ends. I’ll be 312 years old before I complete all of the things on my list. And being 312 may make “Being Miss America” a little difficult. I’m just kidding, I could totally pull it off… I wear sunscreen every day.

I always make Resolutions for each year, but the Bucket List is more complex than saying you’re going to lose weight and not doing it. (Thank goodness all of those resolutions makers are not at the gym anymore!) the Bucket List consists of all of your inner desires, things you are too embarrassed to admit you want to experience (Sing on Stage) or too scared to actually do (Skydiving). The feeling you get when you can actually cross one of these experiences/achievements off of your list is indescribable.


Before the Big Jump

So why the talk about the Bucket List? Because this past weekend I was reflecting on all of my lifetime goals, looking at my Vision Board and thinking about all that I want to do. Life is so short. Do I feel like pushing myself to do more and be better and achieve more things is worth it? What about the little stuff? What about raising money for a great cause or having tea and a pedicure with a friend and co-author or snuggling on the couch with a pet? Sometimes the little things can mean more, right?

Balance is so hard, especially when you are always thinking of more to do. Maybe my Bucket List should have a note to Enjoy the Little Things. Of course, it’s not going to stop me from writing a book, learning another foreign language or turning my shoe business into a multi-million dollar venture.    🙂




4 Responses to “You can do it!”

  1. boyonabudget Says:

    Women have the power within us to accomplish great things and enjoy the small things along the way. Good luck with your shoe business and take plenty of time to walk through the summer grass barefoot:) and smell the roses.

  2. Jessica Says:

    I have my BIG list of things to do before I die but then I also have my “40 before I’m 40” list which has more “little things”, PLUS each year I just break down each list into more accomplishable (is that a word?) things. Like this year I’m reading 8 books on my “read the greatest books” list.

  3. Uncharted Says:

    You ladies are awesome! LOVE it! 🙂


  4. Rachael Says:

    I want to write a book, too! In fact, I actually started it this year. 🙂

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