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If Walls Could Talk March 15, 2011

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One of my favorite things to do is get lost on the internet.  I find blogs and pictures and fascinate myself with other people’s seemingly perfect lives.  It is so addicting, but the problem is I get really wrapped up in what could be and hardly ever do something as a result.  However, once and awhile I fall so deeply in love with an idea that it ends up happening!  Remember Joi from Nuestra Vida Dulce?  A long way back she posted about SJP’s bedroom wall collage on the set of Sex in the City.

I immediately fell in love with the idea and showed it to Karla.  She agreed that we should try to do it on our living room wall AND that we should each have 4 items by the end of the next week.  Not gonna lie, this assignment terrified me!  I liked the idea of doing the collage wall, but to actually have items picked and ready to hang so soon was a big commitment for me.

I went to Etsy to look at my favorites and see what would work.  I immediately picked a ‘Home Sweet Home’ print that I had been eying for awhile and ordered it.  I was super proud of myself that I had made progress.  That was until Karla showed me that she already had her 4 items for the collage.  She was serious about this deadline and it was scaring me.  I went back to Etsy and searched around for something else unique.  I found a women who sews initials in buttons onto pillows:

Isn't it Pretty?

I asked her if she could make me a ‘K’ and sew it onto a piece of fabric instead of making it into a pillow.  I then went and bought a sewing hoop, painted it eggshell, and proceeded to use a lot of hot glue.  Now I was up to 2 items…and Karla {that sneaker} was up to 5! <—This was the first lesson to me that if you give Karla an idea, she will make it happen…quickly.

I decided that Etsy worked great for unique items, but it was taking a lot of time and was expensive.   I ran over to good old Hob Lob and found a cross I really liked and a wooden sign with a cute birdy that tied all the colors together.  Wall décor was half off that day so I think I came home with both of them for around a total of $14 (Just as a side note: If you wait long enough it will eventually be 50% off at Hobby Lobby).  I couldn’t let Karla outdo me with 5 items and my problem was solved the weekend after the deadline when I was out shopping with my friends.  We were leaving a store and saw a mirrored Fleur de Lis.  I went back in to inquire about the cost and they told me all the mirrors were half off!  I had finally finished my assignment!

Later that day Karla and I set to work on arranging our items on the floor so we could see what it would look like on the wall.

Upside down bowl represents the Wall Nipple

It took awhile.  We had to work around the ‘nipple’ attached to the wall (we really aren’t sure what this is, but think it was an electrical outlet many years ago) and we rearranged a few times before it was just right.  Even though getting all the items stressed me out, in the end I think the wall collage is one of my favorite design elements in our apartment, what do you think?

It is Complete!

An Up Close Look


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