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Love this Not that March 21, 2011

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Pulling off a recipe I didn’t think I could

When I find the perfect pair of jeans and they cost a gazillion dollars

New sheets on my bed

Train wreck Reality TV shows I can’t stop watching {Toddlers and Tiaras anyone?}

The way my hair smells after its been up all day and I take it down

Getting what you want, but having to fight for it first

Planning a new vacation…you’ll have to wait and see where!

The low tire light in my car never going off no matter what I do

Asian Babies

Losing the back to earrings

Finding exercise that isn’t boring {Hoola Hooping anyone?}

Laundry and the fact that it will never end

Laughing like a little kid with Dave

When I just can’t remember what I was going to say

Fresh flowers in the house

Nasty headaches that make me feel like nothing is going to be okay

Getting to wear Rain galoshes as opposed to winter boots

Always putting everything to the last minute {these posts included!}

Hanging out on Sunday with my dad and sister and…

Tax Returns 🙂


When I’m in a bad mood, it always helps me to think about the things I appreciate.  My brain seems to be trained to think of the worst case scenario, but with practice I’m getting better and better at thinking positively or at least quickly recovering from thinking negatively.  Lists like these help me.  And as you can see I ended on a good note!


3 Responses to “Love this Not that”

  1. Katie Rose Says:

    I totally wore my galoshes today too 🙂

  2. Andrea Says:

    I’m sorry, what exactly is wrong with trashy reality tv?

  3. Uncharted Says:

    Katie- Isn’t it fun how many cute patterns they make galoshes in now?

    Andrea- Haha, I love it, but I also can’t believe there are real people like that!

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