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Digging Denver April 1, 2011

Spring break isn’t what it used to be.  Now, before you all start getting huffy with me, saying that I shouldn’t complain that I still get a spring break at all, just calm down.  I’m not complaining.  And yes, I do deserve it.  Unless you’re a teacher, you have no idea what I go through every day, how difficult my job can be and how hard I work to help ‘my 24 kids.’

On to what’s important.  I took an opportunity to visit Jonathan and the city I hope to soon call home over my spring break.  What I meant by spring break not being what it used to be is that it’s not all about getting hammered on a warm-weather cruise with my sorority sisters anymore.  This year it was more about adventuring in slightly chiller climates and doing some learning.  Sounds totally dorky, I know, but maybe that’s what happens as I grow up…the dorkiness level increases.

On one of the days I spent with Jonathan, we decided to take a trek up to Rocky Mountain National Park.  First of all, before we even got there, we spotted a Bald Eagle over a lake.  Initially, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, but then when I realized as it swooped down above the car that I was incredibly lucky to have seen a Bald Eagle in real life.  It was incredible, they are so majestic and powerful!

Once we entered park boundaries, we ventured up to what was supposed to be a serene lake,  but came to find that at the end of March in the mountains, it can still be well below freezing with several feet of snow on the ground.  So, after seeing it, we went back to where it was warmer and sunny 🙂  It’s very romantic being in the mountains with someone you love.  I’m sure it sounds super corny, but something about the silence and beauty around you really makes you want to be close to your honey.  And the little things in nature can make really interesting views from certain angles!

I also was lucky enough to realize that the Real Life Pirates exhibit that I had never been able to visit at the Field Museum in Chicago had traveled its way to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. So I did some solo adventuring to see the exhibit amongst the masses of kids and their parents also on spring break.  I learned: buried treasure, walking the plank, and treasure maps are all pirate myths, that an 8 year old boy was the youngest pirate in documented history, and that most pirates were caught once they reached land because they didn’t make it more than a few miles without getting drunk at the local pub or gambling away all of their stolen ‘booty.’

I can’t wait to go back next weekend.  Especially because Jonathan and I already have a little trip planned with our friends Jeff and Krista to do some more exploring and learning at the Denver Zoo.

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