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Country Memories April 5, 2011

Have you ever hated a song’s lyrics but loved the way it sounded?  I feel this way about the Zac Brown Band’s song ‘Colder Weather’.  I can’t stop humming it, but the song is sad and I don’t really care for the story.  And let’s face it, most of the reason I listen to country music is because I like the stories in the songs.  When I was little my mom used to listen to country and my favorite part was after the song was over I would give a summary and ask her if that was what the song was about.  Usually she would have to explain it a little more since most of them were a bit more complex than my 7 or 8 year old mind could figure out.  Sunday night was the CMAs {actually they changed it to ACMs or Academy of Country Music- not sure what that’s about?}.  I didn’t watch the whole thing, but I did catch the Zac Brown Band singing with James Taylor…and they were singing the Colder Weather song!  I especially enjoyed it when James transitioned into ‘Sweet Baby James’.  They were really a great duo and James Taylor just happens to be my most favorite singer of all time so that was a plus.

Now I’m starting to get lost in my memories about country music.

When I was in grade school it was totally uncool to like country music {unlike high school when it was the in thing…go figure}.  In fact I lied on the worksheet we had to fill out about our favorite things and said my favorite singer was Mariah Carey just to fit in with the other girls.  The truth was that I loved Shania Twain.  I was in a Girl Scout troop {On my Honor I will try…} and one night there was an activity where we dressed up like our favorite singer and sang a song of theirs.  Now you have to know that when I was little I was painfully shy.  I was very soft spoken and mostly tried to stay under everyone’s radar.  If anyone noticed me I usually cried.  My mom somehow convinced me that I should dress like Shania Twain and sing ‘Any Man of Mine.’  I thought it was brilliant, and loved the outfit we concocted: cut off jeans and shorts with a tank that tied up around my belly button.  We also put my hair up in the highest ponytail we could, curled my hair, and hair sprayed the crap out of it!  I felt like a star…that was until we got to the school and I had to sing in front of all the other girls!  The music came on and I started mumbling the words.  I remember all the girls and the moms that were there were amazed that I would:

  1. Wear the outfit I was wearing
  2. Actually sing in front of everyone

It was the first time I remember telling myself that I should enjoy the moment and just go with it.  It’s a feeling that I still have trouble conjuring up for myself today, but when I remember my 10 year old self with that much confidence it is a bit easier.


2 Responses to “Country Memories”

  1. Katie Rose Says:

    Ha why do I not remember this at all!!??!?!

  2. Sarah Says:

    ummm, that song colder weather is totally my fave right now. it makes me think of jonathan because they go to colorado 😛

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