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Arizona = Awesome Vacation April 10, 2011

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So after an eventful few days in Arizona, I am back in the lovely city of Chicago. My vacation in Arizona was fantastic. We flew into Flagstaff first and let me tell you someting. The flight from Phoenix to Flagstaff is not a flight for nervous flyers. Our plane literally sat 34 people, had propellers and was very loud. It didn’t help that there was a lightening storm happening and our pilot informed us that not everyone scheduled to fly on the plane could board because there was too much weight due to the extra fuel we needed to get through the storm and heavy winds. Luckily, Captain Katherine saved the day and we landed safely at the Flagstaff Airport.

Next came Sedona, probably one of the most surprisingly beautiful places in the Southwest. The red rocks were dazzling us and the drive down the mountain was refreshing… both scary and beautiful! We stopped at Slide Rock, a state park with naturally slippery rocks (covered in moss and smoothed by the river), took some pictures and headed on to go hiking. In Sedona, we went for a hike (after carefully reading about what to do if we encountered a mountain lion or rattle snake… and also after being reminded not to stick our fingers in any dark holes to avoid being bitten by any black widows or stung by scorpions). The hike was gorgeous, relaxing and fun.

A little known fact… Sedona is also a great place… to grow grapes! We couldn’t believe it! There are desert wines! We did a little wine tasting and found the Arizona wines to be earthy and full bodied. Delicious! Look for Arizona Stronghold… they have a presence in Chicago!

After Sedona, we drove into the Phoenix area to enjoy time in Scottsdale. Our time here was nice, but a little disappointing. Though I love all people, I do not prefer to surround myself on my vacation with the elderly, poor drivers, and cab drivers who not only do not know where they are going, but are not labelled as “cabs” and charge a $10 minimum to go anywhere… even if it’s 1/2 mile. I won’t complain too much because the weather was warm, sunny and wonderful and our vacation was terrific. Can’t say I’d ever live in Arizona, but a vacation… I’ll take it!

Slide Rock


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