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Busy Bee April 12, 2011

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I was a Busy Bee this weekend:

Friday night I said goodbye See-Ya-Later to a friend who is moving down south to St. Louis.  It’s sad to see her go, but she is following her heart so I support her in her decision to move.

SaturDay there was some volunteer work to do {if you’re patient I think you’ll hear more about that from Karla later this week!}

Saturday Afternoon/Sunday my friend Katherine from Michigan met up with Karla and I and we drove down to southern Illinois to visit our friend Lei, her guy, her art, and her adorable bunny Dennis {who they found out just a few days ago should really be named Denise}

Dennis Hopper & Me

The trip was set up so that we could see Lei’s artwork in a show she was in.  Over all the years I’ve known Lei I have seen prints, paintings, and pottery that she has created.  But I have seen nothing like the exhibit we saw this weekend.  It was called ‘We Are What We Eat’ and I saw it as a commentary on society’s push to rush nature for a profit.

Lei's Intricate Animal Sculptures

Her work made me think a lot about my own personal choices for my diet and how they contribute to this rush:  How many times do I frequent certain stores in order to save money or time and ignore other options that promote safer food and less impact to animals and the environment?  Do I care or pay attention to how the food arrives at the store?  Her exhibit really made me stop and think and I think I’ll continue to explore these questions for myself.  Who knows what changes it will cause for me!

Checking out the Facts

All in all it was a great weekend to catch up with old friends and there couldn’t have been nicer weather.  I am so proud of my friends who are making big life choices and putting themselves out there.  I just know great things will happen for them!


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  1. […] Everyone there was so welcoming to us.  They fed us lunch, answered our questions, and chatted with us into the afternoon.  Lei was the perfect choice to bring along because she has a lot of interest in non-conventional farming.  In fact she did her Masters project on agriculture and I visited her exhibit last year.  You can read about it here. […]

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