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Cards and Flowers Anyone? April 19, 2011

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Some of you may remember me mentioning a glass vase  I found back in November that I intended to use for a project.  I understand if you don’t remember because that was a long time ago for most memories.  Especially for something so unmemorable {I didn’t even show a picture!}  Well the project is finally complete.  Now don’t get all worked up, it wasn’t a 5 month project or anything.  It just took me that long to get my act together.  I was perusing Joi’s blog Nuestra Vida Dulce one day (err, last spring?) and came upon a post that stopped me in my tracks called ‘Don’t Hate on Carnations.’  It stopped me because I do hate carnations.  {Side note: so does my sister, we’ve discussed it in much detail}  But this arrangement, although made to look like carnations, looked pretty and sweet so I ignored my prejudices and decided I would create it for myself.

That brings us to now/5 months later and I have decided to finally get my dupa {Thanks to my dear aunt for this lovely Polish substitution for butt} in gear.  I ended up following a mix of the tutorial Joi linked to and her own instructions.

Here is the final product:

I already redecorated with it. What do you think?  Karla mentioned that it looks like a pineapple.  I do think perhaps I need a different vase for this arrangement, but for now I think it will stay.

Also wanted to share a little project that Karla, Sarah, and I put together.

I was brainstorming volunteer ideas to make up for the fact that I didn’t volunteer last month {doing double this month I swear!}.  I drive by an assisted living facility on the way to work every day and it reminded me think about how my business fraternity used to go play bingo and bring cards to the nursing home near our college campus.  The idea was born and after a lovely dinner and a few hours, 20 unique cards were born!  Now I just need to go drop them off before the holiday passes…

Happy Easter


One Response to “Cards and Flowers Anyone?”

  1. Lei Curtis Says:

    LOve these Kel…they look great!!! very simple and pretty

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