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New Projects: Update April 20, 2011

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The uncooperative weather, combined with the fact that I’ve been a little busy, equals minimal project changes in the last couple weeks. High winds, rain and cold weather are not ideal conditions for my outdoor studio, and running out of supplies doesn’t help much either. So I’m not thrilled to report my lack of progress on the wicker shelf and dresser.

Luckily, this week features more free time combined with a holiday weekend and better weather – well, hopefully better weather.

But, I have not been completely idle…

Project #2: Wicker Shelf

First I covered the back porch with black trash bags and painter’s tape to create a “safe environment” for spray paint. Then I wiped down the dusty shelf with a damp cloth before I got to work. I was able to get 90% of the shelf covered before I ran out of paint. Have no fear, I had a successful trip to Home Depot on Sunday for more spray paint. Now I just need the weather to get warmer to finish off the remaining 10%.

Project #1: Dresser

Kelly was perusing the web and found a nifty site called The Polka Dot Closet. Check out the cute end table with a beautiful lace-spray paint treatment on the drawer. When Kelly showed me this, I had a total “Ah-Ha!” moment. My dresser has a large inlay border around the top of the dresser that would be perfect for this type of treatment. I immediately dropped one of the new hardware knobs in my purse for shopping opportunities. The first of which, happened today with a successful trip to JoAnn Fabrics.

Lace for Dresser Treatment

I’m thinking of doing cream for the inlay color and then spray-paint in an orange/red color. Both colors are featured in the knobs and I think it would tie the whole piece together nicely. Naturally, the knob is still in my purse for yet another trip to Home Depot!


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  1. […] think the porch turned out nice. You can also see the final result of the wicker shelf that I spray-painted green. It’s currently providing a very nice home to the vinca vine and […]

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