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Plate Take Aways April 26, 2011

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I just got home from dinner with the girls {so much fun!}.  We were saying how nice it is to have something to look forward to on a weeknight.  It really was a lot of fun, but I stayed at work late and am exhausted now {having fun can be tiring}.  My bed is calling my name!

But before I retreat I wanted to share a little project I did as a gift for my guests at Easter ‘Linner’ {you know in between lunch and dinner}.  My family agreed to let me host a holiday and they chose Easter.  I started planning in early March when all the cute Easter magazines made their way to my house.  The magazines prompting me to look online for some ideas.  I found the idea on Good Housekeeping’s website and I thought it would be a perfect decoration/treat for the table.   Hint: look on the 5th slide when you go to the link.  Below you can find my take on the  instructions:

Here are the materials I used:

Basket filler- crinkle paper
Hole punch
Paper file
Writing utensil
10 9×9 squares of paper
Bone folder
Paper cutter
Chocolate bunnies!

  1.  Pick a pretty patterned paper and use your writing utensil and your paper cutter to cute the paper into perfect squares.  I chose 9×9 inches.
  2. Turn the paper over and cute 1 ½ inch squares out of each corner of the squares.  I also used my paper file at this point to file out any rough edges away.
  3. Use the bone folder {a pencil would also work if you don’t have one of these} and fold each of the flaps inward.
  4. You can then take your hold punch and punch a hole in each corner of your flaps.  This will be 8 punches in all.
  5. Cut small pieces of ribbon and thread them through the punches you just made so that you form a little paper tray.
  6. Now you can fill your tray with crinkle paper and stand a chocolate bunny {or another treat} in the center.
It occurred to me that you could create this favor for any type of party and then choose paper and a treat that makes sense.  This is a pretty easy project that most anyone can put together.  Hope everyone had a good holiday!

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