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Touchdown Rush May 4, 2011

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Whether watching it on TV or at a tournament, watching golf can be like watching paint dry. Even baseball as a spectator can be a little sluggish sometimes. (Unless it’s the Cubs playing, of course.) Faster-paced sports have always been my game, either playing and/or watching them, sports like basketball, hockey, soccer and football I could watch all day with no problem. It’s even better if they are collegiate teams.

However, I found a new sport that I really enjoy, arena football. Fun fact: Chicago is home to the “Chicago Rush”, who are actually celebrating their 10th season this year. I remember seeing something about arena football a few years ago on ESPN, but otherwise I never paid much attention to it. That was until one of my co-workers asked a few weekends ago if I’d like to go to a game. And of course my answer was yes!

The Chicago Rush play at the All-State Arena, and rock a five-month season which starts in mid-March and runs through the end of July. The Rush is part of the national conference, central division, which is comprised of teams from Dallas, Iowa, Kansas City and Tulsa.

Talk about a quick-paced game. In arena football, a team can score within the first 10 seconds of the initial kick-off and final scores of games can easily reach over 60 points for each team.

Contributing to the high scoring game is the small field size of 85 feet wide by 50 yards long. Only eight players are allowed on the field at a time. And you can also play off of the “goalside rebound nets”. This can be pretty nifty if you can properly catch or get a lucky bounce, if not you might be in trouble.

Aside from that though, what I was really impressed with was the dedication of the players during the game. They played hard with their whole hearts. The team was definitely tuned into the crowd and you could tell they were out on the field for their fans.

After the game many of the players went back out on the field to meet with the fans. They took the time to great each one individually, to sign their playbook or take a photo. Players even took critiques about their touchdown dances in stride.

Who knows, with a ticket only costing $25 I might check out a few more games this season!

Chicago Rush Field


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