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Digital Camera Saga May 10, 2011

The following is the digital camera saga of Kelly’s Life:

I got my first digital camera my freshman year in college from my GPs.  I thought I was so cool.  The only problem was trying to fit it in my back pocket when I went out for the night.  It probably rounded my 10 pound weight gain to the traditional and much feared ‘Freshman 15’.

After that camera lived it’s life my dad gave me a Nikon CoolPix.  I knew it was expensive so I kept it forever, but it took the worst pictures.  Almost every picture in every type of light situation was blurry.  My dad kept telling me to take it to a camera shop and learn what I was doing wrong, but I insisted it wasn’t me.  I was happily surprised when I read some reviews online saying that for some reason this model always took blurry pictures.

That convinced me I needed to move on no matter how expensive that camera was and I bought a Sony Cybershot.  I loved this camera!  I didn’t have blurry issues, the battery life was great, and it wasn’t an unreasonable price.  My love came to an abrupt end when I was sightseeing {If you Click here you will learn about an awesome Mexican restaurant in Cleveland} in the great city of Cleveland, Ohio.  Right before Dave and I made our way into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame the thing died.  The lens would not stay open.

Last Photo for the Sony Cybershot

When it was apparent something was wrong {only took a good 100 times of turning it on and off to convince me!} I took to the internet once again only to learn that Sony Cybershots often have this issue.  So while I loved the way this camera worked, I didn’t want to keep buying them and having this problem.

I researched my butt off for the next camera in line which turned out to be an Olympus Stylus.  Overall this one was my favorite because I couldn’t find anything wrong with it.  Oh except for the fact that it got lost after only about 2 months of ownership.  Alright…that part is my fault I admit it.

My life has been empty without a camera to take pictures.  I’ve resorted to borrowing Karla’s camera quite a bit.  Now that I’ve spent over 6 months wishing and hoping my camera will just show up one day, I think it’s time to purchase a new one.  I’m not going to repurchase the Olympus because it was a bit spendy and I’d like something a bit more reasonable.  My current top choices are:

The Canon Powershot-A3100 IS

This is Karla’s camera that she purchased based off some advice from a photographer.  I trust his opinion and my own since I’ve borrowed it a few times by now {Thanks Karla!}

The Kodak EasyShare M532

I saw this one at the store and I have to admit the color is what caught my eye.  I’ve never owned anything besides silver or black.  Also the original digital I owned was a Kodak and besides how big and out of date it was I never had any problems.

What’s a girl to do?  Any recommendations for a camera that is simple to use, doesn’t break {or break the bank}, doesn’t get lost, and looks pretty?


One Response to “Digital Camera Saga”

  1. Uncharted Says:

    I have a fujifilm finepix, and I love it. It takes great pictures, and if you’re into taking videos, it has awesome sound quality for a small digital camera. I’m sure whatever you end up with you’ll like, my dear, especially since you seem to be really looking into it!

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