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30 Before 30 May 12, 2011

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In the spirit of creating some type of ‘bucket list’ or ‘vision board’ for myself that is manageable (and seeing as how I’ve been feeling kind of old lately, and want to remind myself that I’ve still got a lot of livin’ left to do), here it is…30 before 30…30 things I’d like to do in the next 4 years.  And if they don’t get done in the next 4 years (because we all know time has a way of flying by), I guess they’ll just have to be on the top of my list for “40 before 40.”

 1. travel to a foreign country (outside of North America, because let’s be honest, even though those Canadians can get crazy, they don’t count for my list)2. own a dog

3. get a real Christmas tree (a live one)

4. read at least 3 books per year (ones I want to read, not required reading)

5. go back to Vegas

6. camp in a national park

7. create a signature cocktail

8. swim with dolphins

9. go on a hot air balloon ride (sorry Kel, I had to add this one to my list, too)

10. go wine tasting (it’d be nice to actually know a thing or two about it, not just drink it)

11. go back to the Grand Canyon

12. learn a new song on the piano

13. make a home with Jonathan

14. take a photography class (well, another one, maybe digital photography!)

15. ride a double-decker bus

16. take Jonathan on a ‘spring break’ trip (because he never had one)

17. try at least one risky, adventurous recipe each month

18. perfect my great grandma’s butter cookie recipe

19. have a garden

20. write a book (I’ve been thinking of ideas for children’s books lately)

21. take a yoga class (this may surprise some of you, but I never have…I don’t want to do hot yoga, just a regular class)

22. finish a triathlon

23. see another panda bear in real life

24. sew something (other than just putting a lost button back on)

25. try a new haircut

26. take a golf lesson

27. find a go-to sushi restaurant in Denver

I couldn’t help myself…it’s 2 in 1…sushi and pandas!

28. take a Spanish class (or several)

29. recycle more (and reduce, and reuse…)

30. tell the people who are important to me how much I love them more often

There you have it!  Now let’s see if they can all be accomplished…


One Response to “30 Before 30”

  1. Hannah Says:

    I recon we could take care of quite a few of those in London!

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