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Getting Greener {and Cleaner!} Everyday May 18, 2011

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In January I started turning off the water while I brushed my teeth.  Once I started paying attention I realized that I was using a lot of water to keep my teeth clean and it was unnecessary.  Ever since I’ve been doing pretty well, but I wanted to think of more green ideas for the rest of the year.  This weekend I found the answer to aspiration number 24: Start a new ‘Green’ habit every quarter.  It came to me when I was visiting my cousins in Iowa and I stepped into their shower.  They had a device in there that I’d never seen before!   Don’t worry nothing weird…actually it was very simple.

A shower timer!  I’d never heard of anything like this before.  It’s  really genius.  Even though my last green initiative was about conserving water too, I feel that this awareness tool will help me to conserve so much more.  I took my first ‘5 Minute Shower Challenge’ and did my best to complete my shower in the allotted 5 minutes.  Turns out I need practice because I went over {probably by about a minute}.

Once I got home I started reading up and decided I wanted to take on the ‘5 Minute Shower Challenge’ as my next green effort.  I learned that every minute in the shower uses about 3 gallons of water {depending on your water pressure, etc.} So let’s say I usually take a 10 minute shower and now they will be 5 minutes.  I will save over 5,000 gallons of water {5,475} per year based on taking showers everyday {I try people!}.

My own personal shower timer is currently on order and until then I looked up some tips on how to take a faster shower.

If a timer doesn’t raise the awareness bar for you, then check out this article I found while researching.  An artist decided to make a product that dramatically showcases how using less water has a direct impact on the environment or in this case a goldfish.  {Don’t worry the goldfish are not harmed, I was worried too!}.  I realize this post barely scratches the surface on water conservation, but I hope it causes you to think about your own water consumption and what you can do to lower it.


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