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DC Love May 24, 2011

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Yesterday I got back from my vacation in Washington DC.  Ever since I graduated college my sister, cousin, and I have traveled together.  In the past we have gone to San Juan, Disney World, and last year my sis and I went to New Orleans which we like to pronounce: N’Auwlins {it’s just more fun, don’t you think?}

Neither my sister or I have been to DC before, but my cousin is a DC connoisseur {Check out her post on DC here}.  She was like our own personal tour guide around the city.  We never had to stop and ask for directions or take out extra time to figure out where the heck we were.  I don’t know about you, but I hate feeling like a tourist and she saved us from that.

Here are some of the highlights:

*        The most beautiful building I saw was the Library of Congress.  The tour guide we had was kind of a drag and hated everyone under the age of 13, but I enjoyed some of the facts she taught us.  For example:

The architect/designer of this ceiling decided to make every rosette around the ceiling silver.  All except for the one gold one you see there in the middle.  He said that only God could be perfect so he made sure to have some imperfection in his work.

*        The Capital Building was another favorite of mine.  My cousin had contacted our local Representative and we were granted a tour of the Capital building.  There was a lot to see there {including the House Floor- new and old one} and it was a beautiful building as well.

*        One of my other favorites was the Newseum.  It’s a museum dedicated to media. It was one of the only things we did that had an entrance fee {$21}, but I think it was well worth it.  Right before you walk in the door, they have the front page news from a newspaper in every state in the US.  They have quite a few exhibits and the coolest thing is how all of them show so many perspectives:

 I felt like I was in school again on this trip because I learned so much.  Even though I passed all my history classes I never felt like I understood America’s history.  I am a visual learner and this trip really helped me to figure out.  We just did so much I feel like I need another vacation to rest up.


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