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One small step… May 31, 2011

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You might have heard me mention my magazine subscriptions in the past…Martha and Real Simple.  Actually I have quite the lovely Christmas faux pas story if you care to go back and read it.  Anyway I’m having trouble reading them fast enough and then recycling them once I’ve read them.  It seems like I just got the June magazines and today my Martha for July came in the mail.  As lovely as the red white and blue pin wheel cookies are, could we maybe finish the month of May before thinking about the 4th of July?


The piles of magazines {that end up being hidden in secret places when company come over} are starting to stress me out so I need a solution.  The idea is actually my sister’s so I can’t take the credit, but I will take credit for finally taking a page from her book and finally organizing myself a bit!

1.  Buy a pretty binder:

Greenroom brand binders from Target

Mine is in the green lattice pattern you see below:

2.  Buy the page protector sheets…you know the ones that are already 3-hole-punched and ready to use {Although I love most Up & Up items from Target, I wouldn’t recommend their page protectors.  I found them to be flimsy and difficult to get pages into}

3.  As you read a magazine, rip out the recipes, tips, and ads you want to save.

4.  Use a paper trimmer to cut off the ripped edges.

5.  Place the page inside the page protector and then into your binder under the categories you’ve created.

I’m still creating my categories, but I’m thinking about these to start:

Recipe Box– For all the delicious looking things that look so easy to make when you’re reading about them

Lusting After– Ridiculously expensive clothes and accessories that I aspire to own

Pure Motivation– Mainly pictures that will shame me into working out more often. Maybe some workout tips too.

Book Shelf– Reading ideas and recommendations

Neat Freak– Ideas to lead a less cluttered life

Hostest with the Mostest– Party plans and inspirations

Now I’ll have a go-to place for the articles and snippets I just can’t seem to part with and I can recycle whats left of the magazines in order to have less clutter around the house.  Thanks for inspiring me sister!


One Response to “One small step…”

  1. Katie Rose Says:

    Way to be sissy! My (ever-evolving) categories are:
    Outdoor Plants/Gardening
    Indoor Plants/Centerpieces
    Personal Wellness (skincare, workout routines, etc.)
    Food & Recipes
    Gift Ideas (for others)
    Holidays (mostly decor but also food ideas)
    Decor Ideas (everything from what type of countertops to install to fun throw pillow ideas)
    Entertaining (party ideas, place settings, etc.)

    It is definitely a never ending project but it is fun to look back at all the stuff you ripped out and I promise you will refer to it all in the future!

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