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It’s a Miracle…Local Food! June 15, 2011

When we were visiting my friend Lei in Eastern Land this past spring I was looking at her bookshelf and a book by Barbara

Kingsolver caught my eye.  Many {6} years ago when I was traveling Europe I read her book called The Poisonwood Bible.  I had really enjoyed the way Barbara wrote and since my friend liked this newer book I ended up taking it home with me.  By the way it’s called Animal, Vegetable, Miracle~ A Year of Food Life.

It has taken me a little while to get into it, but I started to love it the moment Barbara tells the story about her little girl Lily and her chicken/egg business {chapter 6}.  I love not only Barbara, but her whole family and their discussions into heavier topics {such as big box food industry and its negative impact on small farmers} and simple stories about their personal journey to try and eat everything locally and in season for a whole year.  I’ve never really thought about how spoiled I am to eat a tomato out of season.  But Barbara made me think about what it takes to get that tomato to my kitchen in the middle of February.  Their creativity amazes me and it reminds me that human’s are extremely resourceful when they set out to be.  It also gave me more awareness that I have a choice when it comes to what food I eat every breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.

In fact it inspired me to hit up my local farmers market this past weekend.  If you’ve never been to a farmer’s market you are missing out on a lot.  The first thing I noticed when I arrived is how excited everyone was to be there.  The crowd seemed to be buzzing.  There’s also the feeling of community and the fact that buying from these vendors means I am supporting a family directly.  Not to mention a large array of  fresh items to choose from:

I didn’t get a ton of pictures, but in the end I bought purple potatoes {$5- 2 lbs}, asparagus {$3- 1lb}, radishes {$3-1 bunch}, and leeks {$2-3 bunches} for a potato salad I found here at Smitten Kitchen that I’d like to try and make.  I also bought a dozen eggs{$5}.  One thing to be aware of is that farmer’s markets are usually a bit pricier than what you’d find at your local Dominicks or Jewel.  I have to remind myself that the quality is much higher because everything is fresh and is being sold by a smaller farmer who doesn’t have the clout to sell in bulk to a big box store.  I like that I am contributing directly to a family rather than a big corporation.  I like the simplicity of it because I don’t know about you, but worrying about hormones and chemicals on my food is starting to bother me.  Something my boyfriend says often is, ‘It’s better to pay your grocer {in this case farmer} than your doctor.’  I think that sums it up perfectly.

Saturday was my farmer’s market adventure and then Sunday a few of the girls were out for brunch at a place called Uncommon Ground.  It’s located on Clark in Chicago.  I loved the atmosphere there and it fit perfectly with my theme of eating locally.  They have a large selection of drinks: organic coffee, teas, and even mocha’s that take up a whole bowl!  The menu caught us up because everything looked so good, but in the end I opted for the chilaquiles.  Scrambled eggs, housemade chorizo, jalapeno, tortillas, chihuahua cheese, salsa verde, and sour cream.  It was delicious!  If you have a chance, check it out!


2 Responses to “It’s a Miracle…Local Food!”

  1. Lei Curtis Says:

    I LOVE THIS KELLY!!!!!…and I loved Dave’s comment I am going to barrow that one!!! I am so proud of you for exploring the idea of sustainable foods it is so very important! You are AMAZING 🙂

  2. […] produce from the grocery store now that I know what I know {read about my new found food influences here} and I can’t even try to compare a tomato from a local farm to one from Dominick’s or Jewel(s). […]

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